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Project Cycle Management (PCM) Participatory Planning Course

FASID offers Project Cycle Management (PCM) Participatory Planning course for international development practitioners.


The PCM method is a tool for managing the entire cycle of a development assistance project – Planning, Implementation, Evaluation – by using a format of project summary called “the Project Design Matrix (PDM)”. In Participatory Planning course, participants will learn the PCM participatory planning method and PDM formulation through lectures and workshops.


Aug 27 – Aug 29, 2019 three full days (AM 9:30-12:30, PM 1:30-5:30)
1st Day Opening, Introduction to PCM method, Stakeholders Analysis (Lecture and Workshop), Problems Analysis (Lecture and Workshop)
2nd Day Objectives Analysis (Lecture and Workshop), Project Selection (Lecture and Workshop), PDM formulation (Lecture and Workshop)
3rd Day PDM formulation (Lecture and Workshop and Presentation), Appraisal and Plan of Operations (Lecture), Closing


Certified PCM moderator from FASID






Maximum of 12 participants
International development practitioners such as ODA consultants, NGO staff etc



FASID seminar room


7.Course fees

Standard:           69,000 Yen (tax incl. 74,520 Yen)
FASID Member organization:   41,400 Yen (tax incl. 44,712 Yen)
If you already have the PCM text book (PCM-Management Tool for Development Assistance (Participatory Planning) 7th edition), the textbook fee (tax incl. 2,571 Yen) is excluded from the above fee. Please note it in the application form.


8.How to apply

(1) Fill in the application form and email to (pcm-admin@form.fasid.or.jp) with an attachment file.
*If you are capable of writing in Japanese, please use the Japanese format.
(2) The application form must be send before Aug. 13, 2019 PM 5:30
After we receive your application, we will reply within 3 days. If you don’t receive the email from FASID, please call us to this number (03-6809-1996, for Matsumoto).
(3) After Aug 13, we will send the admission letter and training materials.
(4)There will be a selection of participants if we have more than 12 applicants.



(1) The course may be cancelled if applicants are less than 8.
(2) The cancellation after the admission must be done by both phone call and email/FAX letter before Aug 23, 2019 PM4:00.
(3) The cancellation fee will be 3,000 Yen (textbook fee).
* Cancellation after the payment of course fee will be 8,000 Yen (text book fee and administration fee) and bank transfer fee.
**Cancellation after the 1st day of training will not be refunded.
(4) The course participation certificate will be given to participants who attend more than 80 % of scheduled sessions.


10.Test of Completion Level of PCM-PP Method

FASID offers the test of Completion Level of PCM-PP Method for the purpose of assessing the level of understanding of the PCM Participatory Planning method. The passing of this test is required for applying the PCM method Monitoring and Evaluation course.



Department of Human Resource Development
Yamamoto, Atsuo